Into The Dark

Life turns out to be very different than the way we plan it. It never follows the complicated plans we make .. Yes, we devise very very complicated tracks towards our desired star but Life always leads us to such treacherous routes full of swamps and prickly pointy things and thorns disguised as flowers and wicked monsters with agonizing fangs and blood thirsty eyes under the hot scorching sun – a sun that shines to melt your hopes and dazzles your vision and blocks out all your dreams .. Clouds might be soothing occasionally – for a second or two – in this eternal  struggle. Otherwise when they come up they grumble and growl so loudly that it rips your heart out. They rain so heavily that it breaks your bones, your expectations, your strength .. A few trees are there too amidst the spines and thorns to provide you some soothing shade and comfort but you cant take them with you right? And you walk and walk and walk tirelessly . At nights you plan your journey so ingeniously that you even start imagining to defeat life itself ! The sun then awakens you to present a  new even more challenging quest set so cunningly that you forget all your strategies .. And then one day,  when you at last start to understand the wickedness of Life and learn to cross all the twists and turns, when you think that you are about to win, Life pushes you in this deep dark valley which has no way out  leaving your journey incomplete, defeating you forever.


About aiman

Nobody's Perfect. Neither Am I. I Just Try To Be ME. And I Think I'm Pretty Good At It.
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9 Responses to Into The Dark

  1. saad ch says:

    yea…aiman…its too good to forget….=D….its reflect your poetry nature…the words or sentences you seem that u r a poetess too….beatiful piece of writting…mashaallah

  2. saad ch says:

    our entire class should read it…?? ryt

  3. saad ch says:

    ya ap na khud kikha ha…/? mean your own thoughts…??

  4. saad ch says:

    aha…khair mera ya matlab b nahi tha….acha likha ha boot….

  5. Malaika Nasir says:

    Very wellwritten. You have very deep vision of life.
    Very inspiring….

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