Perfectly Wrong Moments.

Things meant for us have this uncanny capability of finding us.

At one time, there’s you, yearning and craving for this object that instantly becomes the center of your universe, trying so hard to achieve/get it and every single time it just slips right of your hands. You try so hard to get hold of it, plan and replan your strategies, polish your strengths and improve your weaknesses, build and rebuild every broken idea. But then you sit back in a dark corner because nothing really works- accept your failure – even put the blame on your fate.  You watch it being awarded to someone else, so carelessly shoved in hands that barely know its importance, your deepest desire being handed out like petty brochures of some run down business. And then, right when you get over it, when you finally succeed in burying it somewhere deep in your heart, just when your tears run dry, this thing you loved once, comes speeding towards you out of nowhere, hits you hard knocking the breath out of you.
It has that same sparkling glow and alluring charm that leaves you staring at it like anything, the magical aura still surrounds it that had driven you out of your mind once. But for some unknown malignant reason, it just doesn’t ignite a single spark in your heart. The same thing that once made your heart dance and yelp and clench with joy, desires and longing.. It doesn’t ignite a tiny spark even. You wait for your feels to hit you, you even remind yourself how unconditionally you had loved it, but that feeling just doesnt come back. The universe changes its center then, it no longer revolves around it.

Let me rephrase the first sentence;
Things meant for us have this uncanny capability of finding us at the perfectly wrong time, when we finally stop caring for them.


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Nobody's Perfect. Neither Am I. I Just Try To Be ME. And I Think I'm Pretty Good At It.
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5 Responses to Perfectly Wrong Moments.

  1. psychoo.. says:


  2. Saad Chaudhry says:

    Aiman ya kia..?? hum jin cheezoinn k lia marty hn wo nahi milty :p n then they have unnatural ability to find us at “Wrong” time..??? 😮

  3. Saad Chaudhry says:

    wasy boot piya likhaa ha ap na Aiman 🙂 (y) …lakin jub wo cheezain hamain mil jaty hn then we donot value them naa..:( donot know esa a Q ha ?/

  4. aiman ibrar says:

    Yes precisely!
    They always find their way to us when we stop looking for them.. 🙂

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