Have you seen her?
That girl:
With her tangled black locks and dark, dark eyes?
Lost her somewhere – don’t know where to look.

‘Searched behind those towering books and racks,
Loved to read – She told me that.
Nothing to be found.

Peeked into all the corners down
Those mysterious alleys,
Everything seemed to relate to her,
Yet no sign.

I hunted her, between friends and foes
And worldly woes – though she never belonged there-
Not a word.

Now as I sit back and think
I’ve nowhere else to look.
For her.

Didn’t know her that well,
I realize now,
Never let on much; that one.

Shook me in and out, she did
The last time I met her,
With her tangled hair wild, wide eyes bulging out
I lost my muse she said,
I don’t know where to start.
Words wont come to me she said,
My world’s falling apart.
Turned my back on the mirror,
Crazy much? I mocked
I looked back and she was gone,

Haven’t seen her since and my mind
Is kind of fogged.
I miss that twinkle, that wild joy;
I miss me.

And I have nowhere else to look.

Writer’s Note:
This is about an individual in search of herself, she seems to have lost herself in the process of adapting to the world around her.


About aiman

Nobody's Perfect. Neither Am I. I Just Try To Be ME. And I Think I'm Pretty Good At It.
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6 Responses to Missing.

  1. Maestro says:

    This is a post for everyone. Appreciate it.

  2. emphadiate says:

    As Maestro said, this is very relatable. Not to mention, well written!

  3. Saad Anwar says:

    Most beautiful poetry i have ever read … you tried to manifest such feelings which one can just feel but cannot express in words … you successfully perceived and gave them such silent words which can speak ( actually i don’t know how to comments and what to say as everyone can’t judge the level of poet ) … congratulation Poetess .. hope to read more and more from your blog . 🙂

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