What Killed Me.

Sun was never really warm,
Cold blood pulsed through veins.
Eyes never actually meant it
When Muscles curved into smiles.
Not a thing was ever enough
Breaths never at their pace
Winds slapped hard in face
Dry lips bled, all so calm.
Words pierced through the heart,
Bare feet felt the blades.
Longed sight, never met the eyes
Storms in head, never died.
Quiet around, something erupted inside
Couldn’t figure out, where the lines coincide.
Bright lights burnt holes in skin,
Dark and dreary, suited just fine.
So when, the blood seeped out
Last breaths calmed down.
And somewhere buried deep in guilt
The storms finally died down.


About aiman

Nobody's Perfect. Neither Am I. I Just Try To Be ME. And I Think I'm Pretty Good At It.
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3 Responses to What Killed Me.

  1. Maestro says:

    This is brilliant plus glad to know that you are alive

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