Not Good Enough.

You see?
That brightest star, in my dismally grim universe?
That was You.
Or that sunrise-
Blasting crimson blood and glittery gold-
That was you, in my empty sky.
Twinkle of the moist eye;
That longingness-
That was You.
And listen!
Can you hear?
Pounding of the delirious heart?
That betraying loyalty:
That was You.
Humming of the hunter?
That selfish love;
That was You.
You see now?
All so prim
Everything Perfect
That was You.
You were the balanced mind and a working plan,
I was the crazy heart and a misaligned map.
It was me all along, you see now?
I was not good enough.
For You.


About aiman

Nobody's Perfect. Neither Am I. I Just Try To Be ME. And I Think I'm Pretty Good At It.
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7 Responses to Not Good Enough.

  1. Maestro says:

    This is gripping.

  2. Saad Anwar says:

    It is really a marvelous piece of poetry. 🙂 Aiman i had to open google tab to comprehend this stuff .. i wish you could write in little bit simple language .. so that poor fellows like me can grasp it too 🙂 … Congratulation for doing such sensational poetry 🙂
    do keep writing and sharing 🙂

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