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Nobody's Perfect. Neither Am I. I Just Try To Be ME. And I Think I'm Pretty Good At It.

The Scent Of Love.

On withering flowers I laid Upon the dark, grey sand. While the sky above cried, The pain, it never died. Isn’t it too dark? You’d said So I showed you my heart Because the world around, It seemed brighter instead. … Continue reading

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Not Good Enough.

You see? That brightest star, in my dismally grim universe? That was You. Or that sunrise- Blasting crimson blood and glittery gold- That was you, in my empty sky. Twinkle of the moist eye; That longingness- That was You. And … Continue reading

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What Killed Me.

Sun was never really warm, Cold blood pulsed through veins. Eyes never actually meant it When Muscles curved into smiles. Not a thing was ever enough Breaths never at their pace Winds slapped hard in face Dry lips bled, all … Continue reading

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Have you seen her? That girl: With her tangled black locks and dark, dark eyes? Lost her somewhere – don’t know where to look. ‘Searched behind those towering books and racks, Loved to read – She told me that. Nothing … Continue reading

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Alive Death.

Ragged breath and stinging eyes Torn heart and weary soul In light that’s dark- In life that’s dead; I dwell.

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Silent Sighs.

Ive watched My desires; Burn down to ashes And seen your dreams, Shatter into pieces. Ive felt me cry With your aching soul Ive seen you grieve Through my stinging tears. All these years Me along you, Struggling through fears … Continue reading

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Perfectly Wrong Moments.

Things meant for us have this uncanny capability of finding us. At one time, there’s you, yearning and craving for this object that instantly becomes the center of your universe, trying so hard to achieve/get it and every single time … Continue reading

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